Become an InstantScripts® member pharmacy. This will enable your pharmacy to be offered to our patients as a pick up destination for prescriptions. There is no fee to be a participating pharmacy.

  • Become part of a national network of pharmacies

  • Exposure to over 300,000 participating patients

  • Access to our 24/7 medical team

What is InstantScripts®?

InstantScripts® is a secure platform that offers prescriptions for users after they complete a short digital consultation.

Every medication available on the platform is linked to its own unique clinical algorithm based on our team’s clinical knowledge and the most up to date clinical guidelines. 

Once a user completes the short digital consultation, their answers are quickly reviewed by our medical team and a prescription is emailed immediately to the pharmacist. Our doctors follow up with an original script a few days later. 

InstantScripts® is helpful for people who have lost their prescription, need a quick repeat of a prescription or their doctor is not readily accessible.


Key features


Your staff gets access login.


We provide on-premise access via smart devices


We customise to fit your requirements

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Frequently asked Questions

  • What sort of medications are available through InstantScripts®?

    InstantScripts® offers over 200 Schedule 4 medications. 

    Categories of medication include:

    • Contraceptives
    • Antihypertensives
    • Pain medication
    • Men’s health and erectile dysfunction medication
    • Cholesterol medication
    • Heart Burn
    • Anti depressants and SSRIs
    • Hormone Replacement
    • Nasal Sprays
    • Steroid Creams
    • Prescription skin care products for acne and Rosacea

    Schedule 8 medications and codeine based medications are not available on InstantScripts®.

  • Who signs the prescription?

    Every clinical questionnaire is reviewed and a prescription is signed by a local GP.

    The prescription is e-mailed to the pharmacist and an original is sent within two weeks.

  • How does the pharmacist see the prescription?

    A prescription is immediately e-mailed to the pharmacist.

    The pharmacist can also log in to a secure portal and view the prescription.